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Форум района Строгино

Дадим додумать за себя роботу :)

Furius Baco

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Протестируйте самую продвинутую нейросетевую модель для генерации текста — GPT-2. Вы пишете фразу, нейросеть дополняет её до небольшого текста. Получается очень неплохо (жирным выделена исходная фраза).

Пишете фразу на английском, а потом можно постить дополненное сюда. :)


Попробуйте сами: https://talktotransformer.com


I live in the Strogino area. This is the best district of Moscow and I love it! It is very safe, clean and easy to get to. I live in the Strogino area. This is the best district of Moscow and I love it! It is very safe, clean and easy to get to. I love the old town center and the shops. There is an interesting mix of all different ethnicities. A lot of young people. I'm a 21 year old from the USA who has lived in Moscow for 6 years. I can say that the people here are very friendly, very nice and hospitable. If you are a student or working in the city, this is the best place to live.

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Херня какая-то)

i know a buddy who`s called Tally. He seemed to be sane but it was only illusionary, reflection from the first sight. `cause of his sinful love to rubber women - that was the first reason why I wanted to get out of that damn place. Now, we were like, well, why not. I`m a real estate guy, I understand real estate, so I just jumped at the opportunity. It was an amazing thing, like `cause I was going to live with the rubber. I was like, you know, I can`t go there anymore. I`d like to have my own place, I`m a real estate guy. I had this whole life. I can do anything I want. I`d make money for the family. My wife had just gone off to college and I`d be out the door and that was the best life I`d ever had. So I just, you know, I jumped at it. I figured I would make

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Boy Tully fucked rubber girlfriend and threw out the window.


The woman was left for dead but miraculously survived.


The girl told cops that she had a previous sexual relationship with the teen, according to Fox 25.


In court documents, police said the girl was beaten at her apartment and was nearly killed.


Police said the girl told them that Tully had asked her to leave his house. He also allegedly threatened to kill her if she ever called police.


When police found the girl, they noticed blood on her mouth and body. They said that she was bleeding from her lip and neck.


Fox 25 reports that the girl, who has not been named, suffered severe injuries and was transported to a hospital.


Не надо слишком сложно :ag:

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